Dear Friends,

the lifetrees will be set on the 22nd of August. There are two Sutras given by Buddha Shakyamuni which describe the building and filling of a Stupa:

  • Tsuktor Trime given in the god realm and
  • Öser Trime given in the human realm.

The stories connected with these two Sutras are similar. In case of the Öser Trime Sutra, a Hindu yogi had a dream that he would die in 7 days. He went to the place where Buddha Shakyamuni was. Since he wasn’t his student he stood shay in some distance until Buddha Shakyamuni addressed him directly and invited him to come closer. Then the Buddha told the yogi his close future exactly in the way the yogi had dreamed it. Thus he gained the trust and asked the Buddha to help him. Buddha told the yogi to go to a Stupa and repair it. Therefore he gave the Öser Trime Sutra which explains how the Stupa should be done – particularly the Öser Trime Mandala inside the Stupa and the lifetree. Doing this successfully the yogi prolonged his life and became Buddha’s student. On a similar occasion when a high god was about to die Buddha Shakyamuni gave the Tsuktor Trime Sutra which also describes Stupa fillings especially the Tsuktor Trime Mandala. At the beginning of the last blog post, you saw pictures of the blessing of the Tsa-Tsas as part of a Tsuktor Trime Mandala. On the 10th of August, we filled these Tsuktor Trime Mandala in each of the eight stupas.

carring the fillings

We carry the pieces of the Tsuktor Trime Mandalas to the Stupas


We fill the Mandala into the Stupa

cleaning up after filling

The filling of the Tsuktor Trime Mandalas into the Stupas is finished


The Tsuktor Trime Mandala is filled before the Öser Trime Mandala because the Öser Trime Sutra contains the explanations about the lifetree which is placed on top of the Mandalas. On the 12th we started with the blessings of the already filled Tsuktor Trime Mandalas. For this occasion we had to rearrange our Gompa in a way that the altar points towards the 8 Stupas:

blessing of filled Tsuktor Trime Mandalas

After the final blessing of the Tsuktor Trime Mandalas we filled the Öser Trime Mandalas into the Stupas.

Öser Trime Mandala

An Öser Trime Mandala is brought to a Stupa

Öser Trime Tsa-Tsas

Tsa-Tsas of an Öser Trime Mandala

What to say

What to say 😉 – Filling of a Mandala

The chambers for Tsuktor and Öser Trime Mandalas are closed…

… and the altar for the blessing of Öser Trime Mandalas and lifetrees is prepared.

Happening on site

Lama Chogdrup blesses children

The gompa tent is under construction.