Karma Berchen Ling, ideal for retreats and meditation, is situated in a region called “The Black Mountains” near the small town of Yelini in the beautiful Corinthian highlands of Peloponnesus. The centre, often referred to as KBL, is located at an altitude of 1,270 meters on an enchanting site overlooking the Corinthian Gulf. Since 2003, KBL is in the possession of the Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation.


“Karma Berchen Ling is an international Diamond Way, lay Buddhist retreat centre of the Karma Kagyu Lineage. It maintains a protective power field for Europe through its activities such as the Kalachakra Stupa, meditation retreats and various courses throughout the year.

Members of an international team reside at KBL year-round. This lively Sangha is based on friendship and trust. The people are open to learn from each other and also maintain positive relationships with their Greek neighbours. Daily meditations provide direct access to experiencing the yogi mind.

There is a simple yet cozy and independent infrastructure due to the limited resources and wilderness of the site. Continuous structural improvements are made to provide better conditions for indoor and outdoor meditation. Many beings will develop and attain enlightenment within the Mandala of Berchen Ling.”

(Vision of Karma Berchen Ling created by the team in 2006. Linguistic revision by native English speaker.)

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