Our work is based on friendship and idealism. As such, all work is carried out through voluntary work and contributions. Members of an international sangha take it in turns to maintain the site throughout the year. This refers not only to daily activities like cleaning and heating but to larger projects and construction as well. Those of you, who want to be part of it, are warmly invited to join in by taking part in the housekeeping-project or by helping in building project.

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As KBL is a place with many facilities, it has to be maintained all year-round. There is no local sangha taking care of the site, but an international one, sharing the job mutually and continuously. It is always a pleasure to stay for longer, meditating and working for the center and truly enjoy the powerful place high up in the mountains with gorgeous views.

For a few years now a system has been established in that different countries take the job for one month. In this way, either a few people come to KBL and use the time for individual meditation practice or several people organize group-retreats or small meditation courses with travelling teachers.

Always known as a powerful meditation place, you will now enjoy it even more, because of the blessing field of the Kalachakra Stupa. You can get inspiration by checking the articles in our blog. If you want to take part, please contact Julius.[/toggle_content]

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At certain times in the year we are working on major projects, when a larger number of people can come and help. During such occasions we maintain our buildings and the center area, build something new or prepare the site for the summer course. The rough conditions and the family-like closeness of the people working and meditating together make it a really exciting experience.

If you like to expand your horizons, make good friends from different parts of the world and share your skills and knowledge, you are very welcome to join. In that case, please contact Jan, to get the latest information and make sure you see the good to know site.