T-Motoriders (16)

A group of 40 brave Greek motorcyclists visited KBL during their winter tour over the Corinthian mountains. Enchanted by the gorgeous site and the beauty of the Stupa, here how they express their impressions: “You stand and admire. For sure, there, high on the mountains, overlooking the Corinthian bay, the site has unusual good energy. Positive energy implanted by Buddhist practitioners. You feel it even if you don’t believe and it is not a matter of self-suggestion. It’s not an overstatement that the Greek Stupa is considered one of the best places for meditation in Europe…”

The original link in Greek: http://www.t-motoriders.com/#!buddhism-stupa–kbl/cbt2

The original link in English: http://www.t-motoriders.com/kbl-stupa