The first week of March was the time when the Black Mountain tigers of Schwarzenberg (Germany) visited the Black Mountain dragons of Berchen Ling. 13 members of our Sangha went to Greece into a Tsa-tsa Retreat.
Perfectly organized by Carmen we arrived in time despite Airline and several other strikes. The weather was gorgeous and showed all kind of varieties. Of course, our retreat finished on Friday the 5th of March with never-ending rainbows all over the place for several hours. Before, we really worked hard (and joyful) on the Tsa-tsas, supported by a wonderful kitchen team. Producing tsatsas makes very hungry! But also another important event happened at the same time: Rudi and Angelika carved the Stupa and the Dorje into the life-tree. Now this very special “spine of the stupa” is ready.
But not only “spiritual work” was going on, but also the work in our new “clubhouse”, former shower-house, continued. Martin finished an amazing staircase. The “club” is really very cosy and we enjoyed meditating, working and sleeping there.
At the last weekend in February, our friends from the Acropolis center in Athens celebrated the opening of the new center. It is beautiful, impressive and definetly worth visiting it. If you are next time in Athens you should go there for meditation.
Our excursion was rounded up with a great meal at “Yorgos Taverna” in Evrostina and a good adrenalin push by jumping into the Isthmus of Corinth, where our friend Andy has a wonderful bungee place.
For sure we come back!!!! Kalimera, Kalinichta, Kalachakra!