First of all: On September 07 we sat together as an international team and developed a long-term “Vision of Karma Berchen Ling Sangha”:

“KBL is an international Diamond way-lay Buddhist retreat center of the Karma Kagyu Lineage. It is holding a protective powerfield for Europe through its activities such as Kalachakra Stupa for the longer future and retreats and smaller and bigger courses throughout the year. The whole year an international team is partially living at the place. The meditation is protected and the yogi mind is lived. There is a vivid Sangha based on friendship and trust where the people are open to learn from each other and have a good relation to their Greek neighbors. The place provides a simple but cozy and independent infrastructure which reflects the limited resources and the origin wilderness of the place. The environment is improved for better meditation in-and outdoor. Many beings shall develop and get enlightened in the Mandala of Berchen Ling.” 

It was read to Lama Ole, and he was very happy about it and blessed it.

Overview: There were a lot of events in 2007

  • KBL will be run throughout the year with a new model of 12 housekeepers
  • There was a building activity and we will continue with our international friends
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