Stephi from Graz has stayed on the place over the winter and gave many friends the opportunity to come and go as they please, the place was very lively! Friends from Austria, Poland, the Slovak Republic, England, Germany Switzerland and Athens meditated together during the winter. Except for 14 days, she always had company. So, the houses in our beautiful place are well used.

It was the mildest winter in Greece in 40 years. For next winter, we will surely need more wood, and the Lama House and the retreat huts must be isolated against moisture (because of mould).

Bucky from the Slovak Republic, Remik from Poland, Jan from Athens and Juergen from Germany have planted over 400 trees on our property within 3 days, of these 200 are equipped with a protective wire netting against the sheep and goats and also to make sure they are seen. They have had a lot of fun; the weather was warm and good. Metty and Stephi cooked for hungry farmers. Two days after that the snow rain started again “for 24 hours” just to make sure the new trees would be watered thoroughly.

Due to the generosity of Patricia and Alex in the past, transport of goods, building material and people to KBL could be managed. As we all know, roads up tho the place in the Greek mountains are an adventure for most normal cars. Therefore, Martin, Stephanie and Jakob from Austria had the idea to buy a strong car for Berchen Ling. (The car was bought from donations, and we still need some more money for insurance and transport to Greece. No money from the KBL account was used.) The car is already in KBL and being used for transport. It is ready to be used for everything that is planned this year.

Last and hottest news: the hill was bought on the 9th of March! With our lama’s blessing, the Stupa Hill now belongs to KBL. Lama Ole’s old wish is now fulfilled. May this be the beginning of our next steps to decide where to build the Stupa and move towards the application of the construction permits. May this benefit all beings.