As it is slowly becoming a custom Czech month in Karma Berchen Ling went in a spirit of meditation. One week or even the whole month to meditate together in this striking place may seem like quite a challenge, but we were strongly supported by the blessing field of the place and friendly and relaxed guidance of Czech DW teachers Karolina and Jakub. April as a month full of weather surprises held its reputation and presented us with weather conditions of all kind. Except for snow which melted down just before our arrival…
Mostly we meditated in gompa but later when the weather got better we also practised in surrounding caves, by the stupa and other lovely spots in nature. Quite often here and there somebody set up for hiking or simply walking around enjoying the pure nature. In between, we ate and slept.
And yes – the VIEW! In KBL one can enjoy the beautiful scenery everywhere. Almost everybody of us climbed sooner or later up the Dorje Pamo or even higher to the very top of the mountain shielding our centre. Some of us got sunburnt, some of us even got lost in the mist for a while but when the time came to start another session, everyone was on its place, ready to meditate with friends. The strong feeling of being one family and spending time meaningfully together was present the whole time.
Big thanks for the support of the KBL residents Tomek and his wife Nina as well as kitchen crew, which was mainly Pavla. Eliska and Kaja, the two little girls who were with us the whole month made the family feeling between us even stronger.
And of course, we have to mention our beautiful Stupa. We all spent a lot of time close to it. One can easily circle it for hours and completely forget about time under the sky full of stars.
The last day we spent a very pleasant afternoon in the tavern in the village nearby and celebrated our inexpressible experience together with delicious local food and wine. When we came back up again there was time to pass on the place to our Bulgarian friends who were organizing a prostration marathon there. As always, it was hard to leave KBL but the fact, that most of us were already making plans on how to come to this beautiful place again made it a bit easier.:-)