Karola’s email to Lama

Dear Lama
We send you all our love from KBL. We are doing fine. It is such luxury to meditate here.
As usual for here we had all kind of weathers and sounds like the Dakinis drums 🙂
I try my best to pull out the best teachings to support the friends and as they are so bright we had great sessions together with Q&A and also afterwards some good rounds with jokes and some liquids for the health 🙂
And of course, we ran up the hill almost every day.
tons of love from all go us
Karola and Jan, Volen, Nick from Rousse, Krasimir, Helga, Roland, Britta, Lars, Klaus, Andrea and Martina from Vienna, Peter and Gergely from Hungary, Jajko, Christos, Chris and Niki from New Zealand, Magda and Kiki, Barbara, Mirka from Graz, Ulla, Lia, Stratos, Yannis, Kostas, Dimitris, Peter & Inga, Steffi, Christina, Dirk, Miriam, Markus, Michael, Anette and Peter
and the cooks from Thessaloniki Polixeni, Stella and Elina