Has gifted me by various situations always bringing the new experience of mind and one´ s potential. As the Stupa protects freedom and place itself works as a clear mirror of the mind, one can meet any emotion in the very beginning. And of course, learn a lot, dissolve a lot of concepts and set the mind freer!
The first half of April was accompanied by pleasant short-term stays of a few friends. Jan, the “local protector” with his wonderful kids stayed there to introduce me to the site – how everything functions on an outer and inner level. Then, for one week showed up Sasa and Karel from Karlovy Vary. Together we enjoyed meditation at the Stupa and caves, trips to the mountains and downtown to the sea. Meanwhile, appeared from space, one Belgian couple came to stay for a few days – having the very first contact with Diamond Way right here!
Mid of the month was in the name of international exchange, celebration and work: Jan´ s family with few Greek friends had come to celebrate Easter, the biggest feast of the year and hosted all of us with delicious traditional Greek meals! At the same time, a bunch of Czech heroes, coordinated by Juha and Alex started a period of joyful activity. KBL became a building site for a while again. And last comes the week of meditation in solitude…