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Whoever would like to support Karma Berchen Ling financially, e.g. for building additional houses or improving the infrastructure of the site, is warmly welcomed.

Please enter “Karma Berchen Ling” or “Karma Berchen Ling 8 Stupas” in the reference line of your transfer and include your name and address for a donation receipt.

Bank Account Germany

Owner of the account: Buddhismus-Stiftung Diamantweg
Bank name: Commerzbank Hamburg
Bank code: 200 400 00
Account number: 6288088 01
IBAN: DE31 2004 0000 0628 8088 01

Bank Account Greece

Owner of the account: Buddhismus-Stiftung Diamantweg
Bank name: Alpha Bank
IBAN: GR61 0140 6520 6520 0200 2004 898

Donate via Paypal

If your bank account doesn’t have an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) you can send your donation via Paypal. Please note that we do NOT get the full amount of your donation due to transfer charges by Paypal.

We always prefer a direct money transfer if you are inside the IBAN system!