“A 9 days week we never forget”

Our story started on Thursday at Bratislava centre during Piotr’s lecture about the meaning of Kalachakra stupa. At that time none of our group knew he, or she, was going to buy tickets the very next day and depart to Athens on Monday. Simply said, the planning was poor but we learnt there’s no limit for an inspired and flexible mind. You can ask Zuzka, Johnko, Kuko and Tomas about it 😉

We arrived in Athens on Monday night, jumped into a rented Focus and focused the wheels to our goal – Karma Berchen Ling. At early morning in Xylocastro question was raised whether we should enjoy asleep at the beach or continue up to the hills. The magnetism of KBL decided without much of doubts and dear Eva had to wake up once again at 3 am to meet happy newcomers.

After awakening, we were quickly introduced to all tasks required to start Tsa-Tsas production including special quests like cooking and shopping. A few days later friends from Czech sangha joined our group which was very international already thanks to Alfons (NE), Guoda (LV), Marcin (PL), Eva and Katrin (AT), Tini and Josef (DE).

Everybody found his, or her, place in the team and we started to enjoy what we found a complete retreat at the end – constant work with our minds for the benefit of others. And enjoying it together with KBL’s ever changing outer and inner conditions was a real joyful effort. Evenings with the best company, little “beer” babies and Piotr’s stories were very helpful in this challenge.

But still, there was something missing. No, I’m not talking about a bungee jump, everybody did it (still thank you, Andy). I mean something special … yes, an auspicious sign 🙂 Well, we got a BIG one – Island volcano erupting just to stop all air traffic above Europe so we could stay 3 more days and continue in Tsa-Tsa production till next group from Hungary came.

Thanks to everyone who make such experiences possible.