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Dear Friends,

on another bright sunny day at the 20th of August, we filled the Bumpas of our eight Stupas. The Bumpas was filled with the Kangyur – Buddhas teachings –, the Tengyur – commentaries to the Kangyur – and Tsa-Tsas.

Bumpa 1

Bumpa 2

Bumpa 3

Bumpa 4

Bumpa 5

The following day our stonemasons – the two guys from the left – had to do a night shift. Because it was raining and storming during the day their work got delayed and we wanted to set the Lifetrees the day after. Finally, the obstacles were overcome and the Stupas were prepared for the Lifetrees.

lifetree 1

lifetree 2

lifetree 3

lifetree 4

lifetree 5

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  1. Martha Fritsch August 22, 2017 at 9:27 pm - Reply

    How wonderful! Thanks for your work. Martha

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